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90+% Video Success Rate

Quality Assurance

Commitment to Results

Alliance InvestigationsYour Claims Defense Specialist

Alliance Investigations is a specialized investigative agency, specifically focused on the needs and demands of the insurance industry. We provide services to clients in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Alabama and operate on an old-fashioned philosophy whereby success is achieved through quality work, honesty and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. In addition to our commitment to quality, our clients also receive an industry-exclusive product quality guarantee for surveillance investigations.



90+% Success Rate

As an adjuster or defense attorney, you’ve heard the phrase “Surveillance is hit or miss.” You've said it yourself many times and by now, probably believe it to be true. While other companies may take that slogan to heart, we at Alliance Investigations make it our mission to limit the misses and amplify the hits. AND we have become quite good at it. In fact, as a company we maintain well over a 90% video success rate on all files ... Unheard of in the industry. What is your current vendor delivering to you?


Quality Assurance

On any 2-day surveillance budget in which we fail to obtain documentation of your CLAIMANT, we will continue with additional surveillance at no cost to your office. How do we do it? Our Investigators are without peers. Simply put, we can afford to guarantee you results on your Worker's Compensation or Liability claims investigations because our field Investigators are just that good.


Commitment to Excellence

Unlike some large nationwide surveillance firms, at ALLIANCE we are not dependent upon gimmicky merchandise giveaways and flashy marketing campaigns. In other words, we simply do not do business like everyone else. We will win you over with our grit and determination and keep you on board with consistently superior results. While there will always be companies out there offering tacky giveaways, if you are looking for the most qualified, quality based investigations anywhere, you have found your team.


the most qualified, quality based investigations anywhere